bacon, cheese, cheeseburger, chocolate, cornflakes, cream, cucumber, dinner, enjoy, favourite, fridge, ham, hamburger, make, mineral (water), omelette, pizza, porridge, potato(es), rice, salad, sandwich, sugar, supper, tasty, think, tomato(es), vegetable, , (, walk, wonderful, yogurt for dinner make tea I think so. for supper make porridge I don\'t think so.составить 10 предложений с этими словами​
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darinawolfox 1 год назад
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1.Mom bought bacon yesterday

2.I made us a cheese sandwich

3.Lunch was very hearty and tasty

4.The chocolate with nuts is the most delicious thing I've ever tasted!

5.We threw out the old refrigerator and bought a new one.

6.I had pizza for lunch today and a hamburger for dinner

7.A fresh cucumber was stolen from the store

8.I love fruit salad

9.They have scrambled eggs in the morning

10.The cream is the most delicious part of the pie

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uglyes 1 год назад
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I added cheese to my pizza.
My family eat pasta for dinner.
Make me salad,please.
I don’t like vegetables.
I add sugar for tea
My friend doesn’t like chocolate.
She eats cornflakes
When I do sport,I drink mineral water

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