1 Complete the brochure about Northfield Safari Park. Use the words below. climb feed hold leave look run watch NORTHFIELD SAFARI PARK Look what\'s happening today! the 10.00 Kangaroo Breakfast Come and help us to kangaroos. They\'re always hungry and they\'re funny! 11.00 Monkey Games At the ape house watch the monkeys and gorillas jump and 2 the trees. 12.00 Water Show our wonderful, intelligent dolphins do amazing tricks for you in the pool! 13.00 Baby Wolves\' Playtime at our cute new babies in the Park, Watch them 5 and play. 3 4 15.00 Snake Talk Visit the reptile house and you can a beautiful snake in your hands! 6 16.00 Elephant Bath Time Don\'t before you see the elephants in their huge bath!​
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1 feed

2 climb

3 watch

4 look

5 run

6 hold

7 leave


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