Write sentences in the present perfect. 1 you ever eat / octopus Have you ever eaten octopus 2 I/never fly | in a helicopter 7 she / win a lot of prizes for her novels 8 you ever lose a credit card 3 she / ever be / late for work 9 I never work in a shop or a restaurant 4 he / not buy / any expensive clothes 10 you ever sell something on eBay 5 she meet a lot of famous people 11 he fall off his bike five times 12 I/not read any of the Lord of the Rings books 6 we / never see / a Spike Lee film​
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I have never flown in a helicopter.

She has won a lot of prizes for her novels

Have you ever lost a credit card?

She has never been late for work.

I have never worked in a shop or a restraurant.

He hasn't bought any expensive clothes.

Have you ever sold something on eBay?

She has met a lot of famous people.

He has fallen off his bike five times.

I haven't reaf any of the Lord of the Rings books.

We have never seen a Spike Lee film.


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