Упражнение 2. Поставьте глаголы в CKOWKax & Present Perfect. He- (finish) training, She (score) twenty points in the match. Wewatch) all the Champions League matches this season. That\'s amazing! She ____ (run) fifteen kilometers this morning! She ___ (buy) some really nice rollerblades! Oh, no! I _ ! (lose) my money! My mum - (write) shopping list. It\'s on the kitchen table. Dad, you (eat) my biscuit! I\'m tired. I _ (watch) three X-Files videos. Hurry up! They (start) the film! Mary - (study) hard this year, so she\'ll pass her exams. Oh no! She _ (drop) the plate! The garden is very green. It (rain) a lot this month. These are my favourite trousers. I ___(have) them for five years. Tom\'s my best friend. I (know) him for three years. They __(live) in Miami for two years. Jo has earache. He (have) it since 7 o\'clock. Brad__ (live) in Chicago since 1998.​
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He has finished training.

She has scored twenty points in the match

We have watched all the champions league matches in this season.

She has run fifteen kilometres this morning

She has bought some really nice rollerblades.

I have lost my money

My mum has written shopping list

You have eaten my biscuit

I have watched three X-files videos

They have started the film

Mary has studied hard this year

She has dropped the plate

It has rained a lot this month

I have had them for five years

I have known him for three years

They have lived in Miami for two years

He has had it since 7 o clock

Brad has lived in Chicago sibce 1998

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