Пожалуйста помогите умоляю даю 80 баллов пожалуйста
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1. I used to live in an apartment

2. You used to love chocolate as a child

3. They didn't use to smoke.

4.The dog used to like walks but now he's old

5. Mr.Smith used to be coach the tennis team at school.

6. He used to speak French every day.

7. We used to have short hair.

8. My neighbours used to visit once a week.

9. She used to study Swedish.

10. It used to get warmer in the summer.

11. My family didn't use to practice grammar together.

12.The school bus used to pick us up at 7:30am.

13.The students didn't use to enjoy the same games.

14.My cousins used to come to my house every summer.

15. I used to go to my grandparents once a year.

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