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дужках у Past Simple Tense (будьте уважними є правильні та неправильні


Приклад: Yesterday my mum and I went (to go) to the supermarket.

1) We _______ (to want) to buy some food and a pair of jeans for me.

2) My mum ___________(to take) a trolley and we _________(to go) to

choose the food.

3) We __________(to need) a bottle of olive oil, a packet of sugar, a kilo of

sausages and a dozen of eggs.

4) I ______________(to see) my favourite chocolate and ____________(to

ask) my mum to buy a bar of it.

5) When we _________________(to find) all the products, we

____________(to pay) for our goods зat the cash register.

6) After that we _____________ (to go) to choose jeans.

7) Unfortunately there ______________(not be) jeans of my size.

8) I _____________(to be) sad about it, but my mum ______________(to

suggest) going to a café to have some ice cream.

9) I __________________(to agree) happily because I like ice cream.

10) All in all, our visit to the supermarket _______________(not be) so bad.
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1. Wanted
2. Took, went
3. Needed
4. Saw, asked
5. Found, paid
6. Went
7. Was not
8. Was, suggested
9. Agreed
10. Was not

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