5.2.4. Put the words in the correct order.
1) subject for is the difficult me Maths most. Maths is the most difficult subject for me.
2) story Pete a us funny told very. a ustunn
3) your there any of interest in Are town places?
4) last Ann school year went to.
5) doing The are their homework now children not.
6) tourists happy We to English were meet.
7) in is holiday This best a year the.
8) be subjects next There new year will.​
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1 Maths is the most difficult subject for me.

2 Pete told us a very funny story.

3 Are there any places of interest in your town?

4 Ann went to school last year.

5 The children are not  doing their homework now.

6 We were happy to meet English tourists.

7 This is the best holiday in a year.

8 There will be new subjects next year.

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